• Nippon Gas Co., Ltd. established
  • NGK pipeline supply system developed in partnership with Japan Housing Corporation and supply to residential apartment complexes commenced.
  • Nippon Gas Unyu Co., Ltd. (currently Nippon Gas Unyuseibi Co., Ltd.) established.
  • Gas for Tokyo Olympic torch supplied.
  • Nihongas Koji, Inc. established (spun off from the Pipe Laying Division).
  • Shinnihon Gas Corporation established (enters city gas business).
  • Managing interest in Abiko Gas Co., Ltd. acquired.
  • Oyama City Gas Co., Ltd. established.
  • Toride Gas Co. Ltd. established.
  • Kuki City Gas Co., Ltd. established.
  • Listed in the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
  • Manufacturing of gas cylinders for gas cartridge cooking stoves commenced.
  • NICIGAS Butsuryukeisancenter Co., Ltd. established.
  • Relisted on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
  • Managing interest in Kanuma Gas Co., Ltd. acquired.
  • Abiko Gas Co., Ltd. acquired Toride Gas Co. Ltd. and changed name to Higashinihon Gas Corporation.
  • Shinnihon Gas Corporation acquires Kuki City Gas Co., Ltd.
  • Oyama City Gas Co., Ltd. acquired Kanuma Gas Co. Ltd. and changed name to Kitanihon Gas Co., Ltd.
  • Shinnihon Gas Corporation listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
  • Managing interest in Tobu Gas Co., Ltd. acquired.
  • Tobu Gas Co., Ltd. changed name to Tosai Gas, Inc.
  • Higashinihon Gas Corporation listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
  • Japan’s first community gas (natural gas) residential apartment complex installation began (Abiko-shi, Chiba).
  • Gas Terminals completed in Chiba and Saitama.
  • Depot Stations completed in Hadano, Yokosuka, and Togane. (Operation of LP gas container delivery depot station commenced.)
  • Depot Stations completed in Mito, Utsunomiya, Oyama, and Ota.
  • Entrust Energy, Inc. established in Texas (U.S.) and electric power retail business commenced.
  • Entered into a capital and business alliance with OEP (OEP NG LLC), the global private investment arm of JP Morgan Chase & Co.
  • Depot Stations completed in Kimitsu and Toda.
  • Kumo no Uchusen K.K. established.
  • Sayama Depot Station completed.
  • EEE(former NES) established and electric power and city gas retail business commenced in the U.S. northeast.
  • Conversion of 4 city gas subsidiaries (Tosai Gas, Higashinihon Gas, Shinnihon Gas, Kitanihon Gas) to wholly owned subsidiaries announced.
  • Entrust Energy, Inc. began retail sales of city gas in California.
  • The number of households supplied in the U.S. exceeds 150,000.
  • The basic business alliance contract with OEP cancelled because the original goal had been reached.
  • Depot Stations completed in Mizuho and Inashiki.
  • Registration as PPS.
  • Start bundling sales of “Electricity & Gas(LPG)”
  • Protect Member Service released.
  • Nippon Gas was selected as one of the issues comprising the "JPX-Nikkei Index 400".
  • Nippon Gas signed a business partnership agreement with Tokyo Electric Power Company, Incorporated (“TEPCO”).
  • Transferred its headquarter to Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku.
  • Depot Stations completed in Toride and Maebashi.
  • Achived Five Consecutive Years of Record Profit.
  • NICIGAS started to sell electricity and gas as a package.
  • NICIGAS entered into an agreement with TEPCO Energy Partner Inc. for a purchase of LNG for City Gas retail business.
  • NICIGAS was selected as a ‘Stocks brand of Competitive IT Strategy Company in 2016’ by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Tokyo Stock Exchange.
  • NICIGAS’ stock was selected as a component issue for the "JPX-Nikkei Index 400" for the second consecutive year.
  • Entrust Energy, Inc. (NICIGAS’ US operation) was selected as one of the 5,000 fastest growing private companies in the US for the second consecutive year.
  • NICIGAS entered into a capital and business alliance with Metaps Inc. and started the joint initiative, “Smart Energy Innovation”.
  • Deregulation of retail City Gas. Launch of the New City Gas business.
  • Establised Tokyo Energy Alliance (TEA) with TEPCO Energy Partner.
  • Launched Fuchu Depot Station.
  • Launched retail Electricity business with "DEGAWARI"plan.
  • Purchased land in Kawasaki for large-scale LP gas filling plant "YUME NO KIZUNA KAWASAKI".
  • TEPCO Energy Partner invested in 3% share of NICIGAS.
  • Capital alliance with pring Inc. (the company providing "free money-transfer" App)
  • Started operation of NICIGAS' official smartphone APP "My NICIGAS".
  • Launched Shimizu Depot Station.
  • Started the project of "YUME NO KIZUNA KAWASAKI".
  • Succeeded in-house development of online gas meter "SPACE HOTARU".
  • Was selected as a "Competitive IT Strategy Company" for four consecutive years.
  • Achieved 1million contracts in deregulated city gas market (total of NICIGAS, TEA and TEPCO)
  • Started operation of "SPACE HOTARU"
  • Launched Yashio Depot Station
  • Achieved 2million contracts in city gas market (total of NICIGAS, TEA and TEPCO)
  • Succeeded in in-house development of LTE-M "SPACE HOTARU"
  • NICIGAS’ 65th anniversary
  • Was selected for "TECH PLAYER AWARD 2020"
  • Was selected as a "Digital Transformation Brand " for five consecutive years
  • NICIGAS’ " Integrated Report 2019" won the "Gold Award" at one of the world’s largest annual report competition
  • Tosai Gas and Shinnihon Gas have merged.
  • Started operation of "YUME NO KIZUNA KAWASAKI", a large LPG hub filling plant.
  • Was selected as No.1 in the Energy sector on "2021 Awards for Excellence in Corporate Disclosure" by the Security Analysts Association of Japan.
  • Was selected as a "Digital Transformation Brand" for six consecutive years.
  • "Integrated Report 2020" won the Silver Award in the Design category and the Excellence Award in the PDF category at "International ARC Awards 2021".
  • Was selected as No.1 in all categories in the Energy sector on Institutional Investor's 2021 All-Japan Executive Team rankings.
  • Started offering an electricity menu “DEGAWARI 007”. (100% renewable and zero real CO2 emissions)
  • Transferred to the Prime Market of Tokyo Stock Exchange.
  • Signed a capital and business partnership agreement with PowerX, Inc.
  • Selected as a “DX Grand Prix 2022”.
  • Ranked No.1 in the utility sector in the All-Japan Executive Team Rankings compiled by "Institutional Investor", a globally recognized U.S. financial magazine.
  • Selected as one of the constituents of "JPX-Nikkei Index 400".

  • Selected as the top-ranked company in the Japan Corporate Ranking category of "Institutional Investor" magazine for three consecutive years.
  • Selected for the first time as a constituent of the MSCI Japan ESG Select Leaders Index.
  • Launched  Kofu Depot Station.
  • Updated the all-time high stock price since listing.

  • NICIGAS succeeded to the energy retail business of 3 subsidiary companies (Tosai Gas, Higashinihon Gas, and Kitanihon Gas) by way of a Company Split.
  • Energy Sola Platforms (former Tosai Gas) succeeded to the gas pipeline business, etc. of NICIGAS, Higashinihon Gas, and Kitanihon Gas by way of a Company Split and absorption-type Company Merger.