Actions in Case of City Gas Emergency and Disaster

NICIGAS is available to deal with gas trouble on a 24/7 basis.

In Case of Electricity Emergency (Japanese)

Contact in case of gas emergency

We work 24 hours a day to ensure safety.

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In case of a problem with city gas

If you smell gas…

Extinguish all fire in the room. Do not strike a match. Do not smoke.

Keep your hands away from any power outlet or switch, which may be an ignition source.

*Never switch on a ventilator. However, continue operating ventilators that are already in operation.

Fully open doors and windows to improve the air flow and clear the gas out of the room. Close the gas supply cock and all appliance cocks.

If a gas alarm sounds or if you smell gas, contact your gas operator immediately. Do not use any gas until the inspection is completed.

Actions in the event of a disaster

In case of Fire

Close the gas meter valve and contact the fire station and your gas operator. Ask the firefighters to take subsequent action.


Close the gas appliance cocks and the gas supply cock. Take action in cooperation with your neighbors. Provide assistance to elderly and injured people.

If no gas is flowing, check the gas meter.

If none of the gas appliances in the home are working, check the indicator lamp on the gas meter. If it is flashing, make sure there is no gas smell, and then follow the steps for recovery. If you smell gas, do not take the steps for recovery. Instead, contact your gas operator immediately.

The gas meter has a built-in safety device that is designed to automatically stop the gas flow in the event of the following. If the safety device is working, the red indicator lamp will flash.

  • Major earthquake
  • Massive gas leak
  • Gas pressure below the predetermined level
  • Use of gas appliances for a long time

Steps for Recovery

If the recovery is not undertaken properly or if you have any questions, please contact your gas operator.

1. Close the appliance cock or turn off the operation switch to stop the operation of all gas appliances. Do not forget to turn off outdoor gas appliances.

Make sure that gas cocks that are not being used are closed. In this event, do not close the gas meter valve.

2. Turn the recovery button cap counterclockwise to remove the cap.

3. Press the recovery button firmly to the end. As soon as the indication lamp turns on, release your hand.

The recovery button will return to the original position and the indication lamp will flash again. Then reattach the cap.

4. Wait for about three minutes.

Do not use the gas during this time because a check for gas leaks will be underway. After three minutes have passed, check the gas meter again. If the indicator lamp is no longer flashing, you can use the gas.

Make sure that you are aware of the position of the gas meter.

In multi-unit residential buildings

In detached houses

In the event of an earthquake, put your own safety first.

First of all, protect your safety.

For example, take shelter under a table. In response to a tremor equivalent to intensity 5 or higher on the JMA scale, the microcomputer gas meter will automatically stop the gas flow. Do not panic. Remain calm.

After the tremors end, turn the gas fire off.

If any gas appliance was in operation, switch it off and close the gas cock.

Before using gas after an earthquake, check the following points.

  • Check that there is no gas smell around any gas appliance.
  • Check whether any gas appliance has any deformation, damage or other abnormality.
  • Check whether the indoor and outdoor air supply and exhaust system has any abnormality. (Visually check whether there is any disconnection, depression or hole.)
  • Check whether the gas piping and tubing is properly connected.(Visually check that it is not disconnected.)

If you perceive danger…

  • If you discover any abnormality, it may cause a fire, carbon monoxide poisoning or another accident. Ask the manufacturer or dealer to undertake inspection and repair and contact your gas operator.
  • If your eyes are irritated or you feel sick or discover an unpleasant smell while using any gas appliance, stop using it immediately and make arrangements for repair services to be undertaken.