CEO Message

Seeking to work with local communities in diversifying ways

Growing both more diverse and complex, the configuration and conditions of local communities in present-day Japan are changing dramatically. With birthrates continuing to decline and the population continuing to grow older, reports suggest the need has emerged for both new innovative services and traditional community services, placing greater burdens on ordinary citizens and hampering regional revitalization.

Drawing on our platform of energy, something essential for the daily life of any community, our company is addressing these issues and working to devise new innovations. In joint efforts with partners from industries involved in a range of community services and by applying new technologies like AI, blockchains, open API, and the IoT, we propose to our customers a new vision of community services that are efficient and convenient and do not add to the daily burdens of ordinary citizens.

We visualize integrating diverse services (comparable to creating a common user interface), call center service operations, and payments for diverse services in a way that diverges from the typical one-size-fits-all standardized approach to these services, our goal is to help build a sharing service economy involving consumer participation by using UIs that suit the age and needs of each consumer.

Using limited resources safely, stably and more efficiently. This simple phrase summarizes our company’s commitment. We have contributed to last-mile efforts since our establishment more than 60 years ago and pledge to continue developing them into the future. We ask our customers, from the bottom of our heart, to continue to support us even more faithfully than in the past.

Shinji Wada Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer