Residential Customers

Other options

Save money, rest easy. This is an optional plan that will make your life with energy easier.

  • Member Support Service “Okina Osewa” (Japanese)の画像

    Member Support Service “Okina Osewa” (Japanese)

    Provides support for day-to-day stresses. This is the first service we have developed in Japan for customers who use gas.

  • +Plan (Japanese)の画像

    +Plan (Japanese)

    For existing customers! With each plan you add, this service adds savings to your gas bill. You can mix and match to fit your lifestyle!

  • New! NICIGAS EPOS Card (Japanese)の画像

    New! NICIGAS EPOS Card (Japanese)

    【New member benefits】Pay your monthly bills with your NICIGAS EPOS Card and receive a 4,000 yen discount on your first bill!

  • Konohoken!の画像


    Nichigas supports you in reviewing your household finances.
    We recommend the affordable insurance comparison site “Konohoken!”.

Safety information

For safe use of gas and electricity, please read the following.